Thursday, January 18, 2018

Let's Explore Sky Mirror in Kuala Selangor.

For the past 1 year or so we have been inundated with pictures from friends on visits to sky mirror and the word "Sasaran" have been heard. Why not we go check it out and so happened our buddy Kim Aun was planning for one. A group pf cycling friends gathered at Kuala Selangor on a beautiful Sunday at this kopitiam for a sky mirror experience. 
All of us drove to Kuala Selangor from our homes and it was absolutely no bicycle for the day. We were advised to wear as colourful as possible. The jetty is situated at Pekan Lama Kuala Selangor itself but I believe there are other jetties around Kuala Selangor offering such trip.
The group of 22 of us posing in front of the Jetty and ready to check out what sky mirror has to offer. The fare each was RM80.00 with a bottle of mineral water and packet of nasi lemak provided.
Catching up with friends, lots to talk and updates at the jetty terminal.
While some sitting outside the jetty with more other groups waiting to go out to the sea.
The jetty with at least 7 boats moored by the edge waiting for the right time to leave.
Mr. Chew Kim Aun, the organiser with his wife Janet and 2 body guards.
At last we have arrived somewhere at an open sea where the water was still receding and we were actually walking in the middle of the sea on a raised seabed. Timing is crucial for such trip and apparently it only happen within the 1st and 15th day of lunar months. And one by one we alighted and eagerly to have fun.
A rehearsal with their colourful umbrellas while the water level subside and soon the mirror effect will appear at its best. Of course one has to be skillful to get good images.
Up up and the way as Jason was taking off together with the rest.
The ladies and their posing ......
I had my fun too with my kicks.
A bit of drama with Jo.
This kiddo has a powerful kick that can blow off Jason, next time don't try to bully him ... ok!
Kim Aun & Janet for the first time I had the chance to go outing with this couple. Cheers!
Nothing is complete without a good food adventure in Kuala Selangor. Kim Aun has taken tips as to where to eat for lunch. And here we were at Restoran Tian Wai Tian 天外天海鲜餐室 for a late lunch. Location GPS 3.352895, 101.252625, Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor.
Fried homemade seafood tofu to start off and pacify our tummies.
Then came the aromatic fried oyster omelette or also known as "Oh Jian".
Deep fried squid fritters.
One of the popular dishes in this place is this delicious crabs stranded with beehoon. Everyone of us love this great dish.
Assam gravy fresh prawns with lady fingers and brinjals, yummy and fresh.
Steam garoupa fish head it was fresh, succulent and delicious.
A simple stir fried tapioca leaves with garlic.
Sweet and sour mantis prawns.
So much of seafood to eat and the damage per head was RM26.00, it delicious, worth coming back again for more and pricing was very reasonable. Thumb up to Restoran Tian Wai Tian. All full and a slow drive back to KL after a wonderful outing.

A short video of the day.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Let's Go to Bangkok Day 4

Our first destination for Day 4 was Pratunam Market where we started exploring the area after alighting from Siam Station.
After walking across a canal via a bridge at Ratchadamri Road we were near the crowded garment market.
It is another shopping haven in Bangkok especially for those on a tight budget or in search of something totally off-the-wall. The crowded was too pack and we decided to get out off the place as fast as possible for the next itinerary. 
Not too far away we signed up for a canal tour for 200bahts per person, actually it is not a tour but a day pass that you can use the boat as many time as you like within the day. There are 6 piers or stops that you can alight and explore. At Pier No.1 is Pratunam Pier and it goes all the way to Pier 6 Klong Banglumphu at Old Bangkok.
We were excited to board this water taxi though the water looks murky and dirty but who cares so long we do not touch the water and enjoy the lovely scenery.
Venice of the East as it is also being reffered with plenty of interesting things to see as we cruised towards Chao Phraya River.
A train crossing the canal as we went underneath the bridge.
There are a few types of boat found at the waterway, I guess we were on a Blue Flag Line (tourist boat).
A pit stop at Mad Monkey Hostel Bangkok @ Rambuttri Village Khaosan Area for a drink and Jo tried a dessert. This hostel looks fun and friendly.
Phra Sumen Fort or also known as the Ancient Wall -this riverfront fort was built in 1783 with an octagonal bunker & white exterior is in a small park fronting Chao Phraya River.
Phra Sumen Fort is one of the two remaining forts in Bangkok, there were a total 14 forts built during the ancient time where the King built them to protect Bangkok from invasion. Beside the fort being built those days, canals were dug as part of the colony protection.
We were having fun strolling along the water edge meeting the locals with smiling faces, there are market, temple and shops along this edge.
I wish I have more time and arm with my bicycle to explore more and inner of this old town. It's really interesting seeing all these old timber buildings and the people living by the canal side.
This stretch is still undeveloped and hopefully many of these buildings could be preserved and maintain its originality. It is really awesome and what a nice place to chill and stay.
King Rama III Memorial was one of the places of attraction we visited. The monument was built to commemorate King Rama III of the current Chakri Dynasty sets by the historic Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, in front of Wat Ratchanatdaram, the temple of his reign. King Rama III or King Nangklao was known as the great ruling king as well as great businessman who conducted profitable trades with international markets, especially China. The bronze statue is surrounded by beautiful gardens, the Royal Reception Pavilion and three minor pavilions.
We had enough of walking and were back to Pier No.5 Phanfa Bridge Pier (Oldtown) to wait for the boat ride back to Pratunam.
Rot Fai Train Night Market is located on Srinakarin Soi 51 (GPS : 13.693550, 100.651790), just behind Seacon Square Shopping Mall. The best way to get there is via taxi – all drivers should know Seacon Square. However, traffic can be bad on Friday and Saturday nights so you could consider taking the BTS Skytrain to On Nut Station first, then catching a taxi from there.
Rot Fai Market (Train Market) in Bangkok is an authentic open-air bazaar selling an incredible array of vintage collectibles and memorabilia from yesteryear.
Dinner at this corner selling pork rib soup. 
Spicy pork rib soup on an enamel bowl. I should not have requested for extra hot for the soup it was very spicy indeed. The meat was tender and delicious.
Pork neck with rice.
It was a simple dinner with limited dishes found in the menu. It was a good experience and an unique meal.
It was a good idea to walk out to the main road away from the congested traffic to hail for a taxi. We fortunate enough to get one driven by an elderly man who took us back with very reasonable fare after a couple of taxis who refused to go to On Nut. Swadee karp Mr. Taximan. Goodnight.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Let's Go to Bangkok Day 3

Day 3 - We started with a plan to visit Erawan Shrine downtown and it's only within the Sky Train travelling distance (only a couple of stations away). But before that we went poking at alleys looking for some interesting local food. We found this alley with stalls selling a variety of food and the place is called "Food Plus" located at GPS : 13.745288, 100.534425
A bowl of clear soup noodle with fish ball, fish cake, fuchok and egg.
Thai chicken rice.
A visit into the nearby Siam Center to refresh ourselves.
And back to the sky walk towards Amarin Plaza where Erawan Shrine is located next to it.
Veiwing from the top of the sky walk into Ratchadamri Road with the morning traffic building up.
There you are, Erawan Shrine located next to the junction between Ratchadamri Road and Ploen Chit Road GPS : 13.744370, 100.540564. This shrine has been terrorised at least twice with bombing incidents last few years.
Erawan Shrine has been attracting many devotees over the years more than many temples in Bangkok. 
The four faced Buddha statue is actually of Hindu and formerly known as Thao Maha Phrom Shrine.
It is also popular among tourists from neighbouring countries.  and many have come back to thank Buddha for granting their wishes and protecting their lives. 
A big vase for well wishing with coins and notes thrown in. I could see notes of various countries in it.
Birds for rent where one could pay and release these birds to freedom.
We had some snacks and drink at the food kiosks in front of Amarin Plaza.
The weather was lovely during this time of the year and eating outside the plaza was fun and nice.
Later in the evening we set ourselves for a night shopping, we took the sky train to Saphan Taksin Station it was a 20 minutes or 1.5km walk to a pier called Sathorn Pier for a boat ride to Asiatique.
This boat ride cost 30bahts per head to Asiatique Pier along the the River of Chao Praya. 
The ferry services along Chao Phraya seem popular and busy. I enjoyed the scene of the boats, the surrounding buildings and the water.
Apparently there is a free shutter service to Asiatique which you might want to check it out instead of paying like us.
Approaching Asiatique Pier with flags and banners welcoming the guests into the night bazaar and spend more bahts with all the interesting shops in it. The ferris wheel is distinguishedly seen from far.
Another lovely evening weather at Asiatique and we were excited as we landed at the bazaar with the sun setting, it was crowded and more coming in both by the river and by land transport.
Just in case anyone of us get lost in the huge bazaar, the clock tower is the best landmark to meet up.
Food stalls were everywhere and all look so good and yummy.
We had to a problem as what to eat there were too many to pick but nevertheless we have to decide for one.
At last we decided to dine in a sit down restaurant and enjoy the dinner. I opted for a Pad Thai with attractive fried prawns in one of the many Thai restaurants at Asiatique.

Seafood spaghetti looks yummy and attractive too.
Fried noodle with crab meat topping for Jo.
The lighted up ferris wheel stands majestically at the bazaar.
Interesting bicycle cafe.
The love locks near the clock tower for lovers binding and pledges.
And the many warehouses that made up the huge shopping mall.
Our meet up place for the evening while some were still busy shopping in the bazaar. It was a good choice and interesting place to visit. I like it. We managed to secure a Grab car back to our hotel despite the heavy traffic in front of the mall. Good night for Day 3.