Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Restoran Yau Choy at Jalan Puchong, Taman Kinrara

It was a Wednesday evening we were on our usual weekly ride exploring places in Klang Valley. Originally we wanted to try out the famous curry fish head near the Giant (formerly Bintang Supermarket) but unfortunately it was closed. Our local buddy Soo was quick and suggested an alternative eatery which was nearby and that was how I came across Yau Choy Restaurant. It is located at the old Puchong Road (7 1/2 Miles).
Poached kampong chicken was yummy which was served chopped ginger sauce. Everyone was super happy with the first dish.
Then came a plate of stir fried celery with roasted pork. I like it the taste was was just perfect and went well with my plain rice.
Lam Yee deep fried pork belly seems to be a popular dish at Yau Choy Restaurant but I think there are better ones in town.
Tofu fried with fresh prawns was gorgeous and it was empty pretty fast.
The next was a seafood cuisine and it was a fried squid, nothing fantastic but palatable.
Stir fried kangkong passed the mark, it was good and prefect.
This steamed tilapia was the grand finale it was delicious and the best among the dishes. The meat was tender, well prepared by the cook and everyone simply love it.
This dessert was a great dessert it was served warm and not too sweet. That's a great way to end our lovely dinner at Jalan Puchong.
That was it, a satisfying meal which was rather sumptuous and it was surely worth the while to cycle 18km for the food. We took a different route back and enjoyed visiting the old town of Petaling Jaya.
Restoran Yau Choy

Lot 3489, Batu 7 1/2, Jalan Puchong,
47100, Puchong, Selangor, 
Tel: +60 3-8075 7769
GPS : 3.060082, 101.643702

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hyderabad Biryani House, Brickfields Kuala Lumpur

Another great place to eat biryani rice and this is the Hyderabad Biryani House found in Brickfields. Thank to Chew for recommending this gem to us. Please do check this place out before they shift to other premises though they have a branch in Shah Alam and another coming up in Sentul.
I was initially skeptical of the place when we first arrived as there were no customer in shop and the atmosphere did not impress at all. But actually they were just about to start the lunch session and true enough the crowd slowly came in to pack up the place.
Chew had his hands on papadum first while we were waiting for our Biryani rice to be served.
The pot of biryani rice is big and colourful filled with loose and long grainy rice to maximum. The guy handling the service ask us whether we want it normal and spicy. It seems that if you request spicy he will dig at the lowest layer of darker red in colour. You could sense warm and wonderful aroma of Biryani rice when standing close to the pot.
A plate of Biryani rice with a choice of chicken meat hidden underneath priced at RM12.00 and the portion of rice is really big probably for 2 persons if they are small eaters. Besides chicken meat they serve mutton on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Exposing the perfectly cooked chicken for the camera before we start digging into this delicious dish.
The minute we got our food the crowd intensified and fortunately we were early.
Brinjal is a favourite among its variety and it surely tasted delicious.
Other dishes of veggie like cauliflower and fried bitter gourds are also seen at the servery counter.
Fried chicken meat dry and without any gravy.
Choices of other chicken meat in different flavour and taste.
Have a great experience at Hyderabad Birayani House if you have not try it before.

 No 46, Jalan Berhala, Brickfields,
 Kuala Lumpur
.(Tel: 03-2260 7036/012-2237036)
 Business hours: 11am -10.30pm, daily
GPS : 3.128699, 101.688484

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Cycle For Compassion - KASIH Hospice Care Society 2017

Extracted from Kasih Hospice Care Society's website for you to know more about this organisation.

KASIH HOSPICE CARE SOCIETY,KUALA LUMPUR & SELANGOR(KHC) first launched its services in 1997 with its trained volunteers visiting patients in hospitals on a regular basis to give them emotional and spiritual support. It later established its medical team in 2005 to fill a perceived service gap for those people wishing to remain at home whilst living with a life threatening illness. Most of the people who access our service have advanced cancers but there are some who suffer from serious non cancer illness such as AIDS, Motor Neurone Disease, End-stage organ failure,etc.

Palliative care is active holistic ‘whole person care’ with particular focus on pain and symptom management whilst also looking into the psychosocial and spiritual needs of the patient.Our team of committed doctors, nurses and volunteers give skillful and dedicated care to those who are very ill, irrespective of race, religion, age or financial status.

We are a non-governmental organisation with a not-for-profit philosophy and our services are free of charge. We are recognised as a service provider by the public and private hospitals in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding region.We assist people to maintain control over their lives and provide a home visitation service for those who require it. We support people of all belief systems on a non-denominational and non-discriminatory basis.

Helping others wherever one can, according to their needs, is the true expression of compassion. KHC aims to offer this gift of friendship, companionship, emotional and spiritual support to those individuals and their families who are facing life-threatening illness in a holistic manner.

KHC views palliative care as a social responsibility as well.The organisation provides training programs for volunteers and the public which aim at cultivating wisdom and compassion through service whilst also equipping them with knowledge about End of Life care.

Our Vision

Helping others through compassion to live well and die well.

Our Mission
KHC serves those with life threatening illness and their family through medical, emotional and spiritual support based on compassion and skillful means.

Our Motto

With Compassion, We Serve
Our Objectives

To provide medical, emotional and spiritual support for patients and their families, at hospitals or at home and eventually to provide an in-patient service.

To create public awareness and interest in providing skilful hospice care through training.

To provide a platform for volunteers to actualise spiritual cultivation as charitable practice.

On 14th May 2017 a charity ride to create awareness for Kasih Hospice Care was successfully organised and the response was encouraging.
The participants started to gather before dawn at Bandar Utama, BU4.
Some of the red shirt marshalls on the road.
Finally a group photo session before it ended. I stole a wefie.

Below is a video clip of the event.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sri Banting De Old Iron Monster of Selangor

During my younger years we used to come across the term tin dredging sometime we could see it in action or we could read about it occasionally. It was the British who introduced this large scale method to boost Malaysia's tin mining industry.
Thanks to Robert for inviting me to join the group to search for a defunct tin dredge somewhere at the proximity of Dengkil and KLIA. A GPS coordinate was provided and the meeting was made possible. All the while I thought there is only one left in Perak and never realised that there is one more in Selangor.
Two went on foot while the other two were on bicycles. We followed a path starting from an illegal dump site and it was running along the water edge.
We were delighted to see the dredge from a distance as it is still floating majestically on the pond and I was eager to get closer to it.
The name of this dredge is called Sri Banting secretly hidden in a quiet big pond. We could hear dogs barking as we came near it and I was worried that the dogs could be aggressive.
Fortunately the dogs were not able to reach us as they were separated from the land and the dredge. The two loud barking dogs sounded fierce but I think they are friendly as their tails were wagging continuously as they barked.
You just need a couple of pulls on the rope to get across to Sri Banting but nobody suggested to do so hence we were safe from the dogs.
View from a small floating pontoon that could connect to the dredge. 
Robert setting up his Mavic for the challenge.
This drone is small, portable and lovely to bring about for aerial photography.
SK & Robert were all set for their fun to view from the top. 
Dahon Speed P8 came in handy in this tough terrain as Anne and myself went on nosing around the surrounding trying to get different angles of Sri Banting.
The 4,800 tonnes iron monster is amazingly beautiful, it was built in 1974 and stopped its operation in 1997. The other surviving tin dredge in Malaysia is in Tanjung Tualang, Perak. I hope this piece of heritage could be preserved and kept for the world to share its history.
A short clip of the morning.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Merchant's Lane 美真林 - A Great Place to Chill

It was Sunday and after a short outing at the KL Car Free morning we went scouting for food in the city. We decided to visit Merchant's Lane again.
Soo was gamed for a hefty meal and had Breakfast comprising of fried eggs on toasts, chicken sausage, baked bean, hash brown, sauteed mushroom and cherry tomatoes.
Jason got himself a cake and a coffee
While I got myself something to share together with a cup of lemongrass & ginger drink.
Port Klang - Battered deep fried calamari, dory fish and prawns served with sweet chili sauce
I love this trendy place and I got to know that it was a brothel in the early years. Hat off to a group of youngsters whom took this venture and made this awesome hideout possible.
Merchant's Lane 
On the 1st Floor
No, 150 Jalan Petaling
59000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3.140947, 101.698049
Business hours: Daily 11.30am – 10pm
Tel: 03-2022 1736